The end of the NHS in 10 minutes.
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The National Health Service in England is gradually being replaced with a privatised look-alike; a commercial counterfeit that will try to gain your confidence by hiding behind that iconic blue NHS symbol.

The Government’s underhand plans for our original, authentic NHS will wreck its pioneering ‘free for all at the point of need’ principle. Instead, our health service is being set up to be a profit-driven free-for-all in the worst sense.

Fortunately, local campaign groups are working all over the West Midlands and across England to defend our publicly owned, public spirited NHS.

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We can work together to ensure that NHS decisions are made on health grounds and not for profit margins.

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The real NHS - or a fake?

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ADD your name to the national 38 Degrees petition here to signal your opposition to the Coalition’s NHS giveaway


The Sunday Mirror has finally broken the virtual media blackout over the Coalition’s asset-stripping of the NHS.

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It’s a sad, shake-of-the-head phrase that more patients are hearing from GPs as medications are cut from the list of NHS treatments they can prescribe.

Has it happened to you? Let us know - help us build a picture of our diminishing choices here.

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